Monday, January 21, 2008

Reliance broadband doing better then the rest

In the last few months I have noticed that on reliance broadband forum, members have started writing good things about reliance which does speak for the fact that reliance is trying to sort their service quality out to create a better image which is good news as India still lacks good internet service providers.
I am yet to get a reliance broadband connection as they still dont have their services in my area and by the looks of it I dont think it will be available any time soon. India broadband forums reliance broadband section is getting some good content these days.. do pop in to check it out.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Your Mktg Executive met on 6th Oct,07 for Reliance broadband net connection. By listining all advanced techinical systems I desided to subscribe net conncetion. Your Executive committed to install and connect the net with-in 7 working days. Inspite of calling 4 times a day from 8th day of his commitment there is no proper response or clarity from your people. Baring all this delay, I oversean the post installed problems, finally desided to cancel the installation and called for the same on 7th Dec 07 requested for the refund. Till today (4th Jan 08) neither I received the refund nor a call from your people.

Expecting atleast the refund from your side.


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Reliance broadband

To, From :

Reliance Broadband Abhishek Ganguly
Ahmedabad - 54
Dated : 5th dec, 2007.

Sub : Complaint against abuse of consumer rights

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that my internet service got stopped during septmber,2007.
Inspite of continuous request for repairs nobody came from your side.Secondly, I filed an application for termination of services on 5th October,2007, and nobody turned up to stop the connection.Please note that my termination code number is 5653xxxx.

Over and above all this problems I am facing, you are sending me bills of October and November, 2007, which is absolutely unethical dealing.

I request you for the last time, to stop sending bills and telephoning me for bill payment of the services I have not even used, and properly terminating the services.

Yours truly,

Abhishek Ganguly

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Reliance broadband an insight

This is for those who are waiting for reliance broadband to come to their area so that they can also get a reliance broadband connection...
Read a bit of real information about reliance broadband
Then take some time to go to the reliance broadband forum and read some first hand reviews of reliance broadband quality and the level of customer support they provide. If you still feel like going with reliance broadband then good luck. I have not had a chance to use reliance bradband yet but I will surely get a connection as and when it becomes available in my area just to try it out.If you are using reliance please do leave your comments on the kind of service you have recieved till now for all of us to know the reality.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Bsnl broadband trouble

I had installed Broadband connection (Home-250 plan) on 10.08.2007 after waiting for a period of seven months.From the very first day of the installation I am not getting proper connectivity due to fault in my telephone line. I had contacted all the concerned executives many a times but they are always giving false promises. Is this the way of handling a customer?This act of customer handling is contradictory to your Vision/Mission. Many of my friends had already surrendered their BSNL landline because of very poor customer handling. More and more will follow if this sort of treatment is continuing. Therefore, you are requested to take appropriate measure at the earliest so that such customer complaints are addressed properly and promptly.

This was an e-mail I recieved from some one with no mention of why he was sending this to me and there is no sensitive data in here so I am just publishing it here.

Reliance broadband

Reliance broadband has started wimax services in Bangalore now but have not announced anything for the rest of the nation yet which is really a shame as its not the bangalore which needs internet connections. There are still many parts of Newdelhi which only have one isp and due to the lack of competetion here isp's are sucking blood out of the consumers especially sify broadband who has earned a very bad reputation here where I live but I am still having to use sify due to lack of any other servicve provider.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Reliance broadband review

I applied for a reliance broadband connection about 15 days back and they promised some one will contact me in 72 hours and the connection will be up and running in 7 days.Its been more then 15 days now and no one called up or contacted me, I called thier customer care a few times and was told they have sent another remonder to thier sales team and still no sign of thier sales guy.

Reliance broadband may be good but how would I find out without a connection? I applied for thie connection to review thier services for members of India broadband forum but they havent been able to provide a connection till date.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Reliance broadband

Reliance broadband is actually now available in my area and I called then two days ago when they promised some one will come around to my place and my reliance broadband connection will be up and running in 7 days time which only time will tell.
Right now I am just waiting for thier guy to come here but there are only 12 hours left for thier deadline of 72 hours which they said.
I have applied for the 300 kbps connection at Rs40 a day (prepaid) which has the same upload speed of 300kbps.