Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Reliance broadband

To, From :

Reliance Broadband Abhishek Ganguly
Ahmedabad - 54
Dated : 5th dec, 2007.

Sub : Complaint against abuse of consumer rights

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that my internet service got stopped during septmber,2007.
Inspite of continuous request for repairs nobody came from your side.Secondly, I filed an application for termination of services on 5th October,2007, and nobody turned up to stop the connection.Please note that my termination code number is 5653xxxx.

Over and above all this problems I am facing, you are sending me bills of October and November, 2007, which is absolutely unethical dealing.

I request you for the last time, to stop sending bills and telephoning me for bill payment of the services I have not even used, and properly terminating the services.

Yours truly,

Abhishek Ganguly


swayam said...

Please dont ever go to reliance for broadband again.

First they will send you a funny bill and then your trouble start
1) Call their customer services six times from August to Dec 2007 and every time you get a complain number and a promise that "relavant department will call soon".Six times because u want them to explain how your bill was computed. That "soon" does not come. no body gives a shit really.
2) Suddenly You realise in first week of october that they have disconnected your line for "non payment" of bill. You call again..

3)One fine day in december you get a call from a collection agent that "bills are over due" and you hold your anger and peacefully explain the reasons why bill was not paid and also refer him to "six" calls made to customer care. He says - he does not have access to the system and he wont be able to help much and also that he is a "different" department and suggests that i should pay immediately to avoid "troubles" later..
4) Now its ur turn to loose the pateince and least you could do is to tell him to Go and F*** himself and also that you refuse to return the quipments installed. He disconnects :)
5) Next morning you get a call from the same "collection office" in an apparent "compromised" voice and the caller Mr X , attempts to understand the entire story and then informs that mine could be a simply billing problem and requests me to pay the amount which i deem correct. I sent an excel working (which is approx 80% of the bill amount) and agrres to pay only if he agrees to reconnect the line immediately. He immediately agreed and i happily paid cash like a fool.

6) Reached home in the evening only to find that line is not working (at 8.30 PM) despite a promised reconnection time of 7 PM.

7) Called the gentleman again..and his phone was refused to being picked up. called the second numnber and i was told that this is not reliance office and this is some CITI group office (ha !)

8) Next morning i called up furiously again... I was told that there must be some confusion last night and this number indeed is reliance. I was mad / confused and i politely insisted on talking to Mr X. "there is no one in the name of Mr X, who works here" was the snap answer (!!!)
9) I then spoke to Mr B, whom i explained the entire story all over againa nd he promised to call back.

10) Called them up half an hour Back and informed by a Ms P that there was "system problem" and my line will activated within 3 hours..

Dont know whom to belive and what to do...

Will wait for some time and check if legal recourse is an option..

any suggestions

Nabindu said...

I have been taken for ride by the Reliance company, I was offered, the services for Reliance broad band, by one the excutive called Praveen a resident of Vidhisa. I took the offer and paid Rs.500 for the combo-connection, which took nearly 30 days to materialise, the company has provided me with the broad band connection without the promised voice line that to after several complaints, made personally by me, at the Regional Reliance Communication located at Mansarovar Complex Bhopal.
Till date no customer care ex. has visited my resident and explained as to how to operate the system. Till date the voice phone has not be connected.
Whenever I have tried to contact the broadband office located at E-3 Arera colony, bhopal, the people there do not respond in a proper manner stating that I must contact the sales executive who sold me the connection, as he must have misguided me all through.
One Mr. Ashutosh, another Mr. Ashish do not give proper answers and guidance when required.
Presently the problem faced by me is that I am supposed to log out before closing down the system, but when ever I try to locate the home page, the following message is displayed.
"Cannot find the Server" "the page cannot be displayed" when this message was conveyed to the authorities at the broadband office, they avoided the issue, without giving a proper answer.
I remain logged in even though I have finished my work on the internet for the past six hours.
Similar problem exist when having worked for a couple hours, I log out and when I try to log in the home page doesnt open. Once it took thirteen hours to open. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP KINDLY.

J R said...

I guess this type of poor service is not just with Reliancebroadnet but it is the same with all the Anil Ambani group companies.I found a very interesting complaint ...

rajat said...

Reliance internet connection is just so not good but a ridicule.
After all that fuss regarding speed I raised a request to stop my connection which dey never did until I nagged them for da same.I had to pay extra bill 4 two months for which I was not using internet or I didnt intend to just to terminate my connection finally. Moreover they still are sending me bills n calling, emailing me very now n then to pay them more bucks.I
feel really irritated as dis is so unethil and gruesome.
they have got the poorest services or I shud they they are not here to serve but to exploit their customers and at the same time scout for new cocks.

rajat said...
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rajat said...

reliance internet is so not good but a ridicule.After all that fuss bout the internet connection and speed I decided to terminate the service which they never did until I nagged them like hell and again I had to pay extra bill charges for a couple of months for the same for which I never intend to use internet.
Moreover still I am getting bills, calls,emails every now n den so irritating n unethical that u feel like bearing the grunt for getting that connection. It really is a punishment.
The poorst services ever i came across of any provider or I shud say that they dont serve but aim 2 exploit their customers and at da same time scouting 4 new hens n cocks.

Faiz said...

what I have read so far is very true to my experience with the reliance broadband.
Their service is very very bad.
when you call for any problem they will never get back to you.

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Unknown said...

I request you for the last time, to stop sending bills and telephoning me for bill payment of the services I have not even used, and properly terminating the services.....
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Somu said...

request you for the last time, to stop sending bills and telephoning me for bill payment of the services I have not even used, and properly terminating the services....and
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